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Ping pong tables also called table tennis tables for delivery in Canada to Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatoon, British Columbia, Alberta. Call 1-800-741-0333 for prices for delivery to Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and other cities are available by toll free service.

     Have a look at our table tennis guides and give us a call to consult with an expert to find the best table tennis table for you. Our selection of table tennis equipment includes table tennis tables ranging from the simplest ping pong table to the highest level of international-quality table tennis table. Our outdoor weatherproof table tennis tables are a popular category. This category outdoor table tennis tables, should be considered by those who will use their table tennis table outside at times, or for those with very damp basements.

     Give us a call for expert advice on selecting a table tennis table. Whether you want a simple ping pong table or a top-of-the-line international quality table tennis table, we can help you select the right table tennis table for your needs.

     Visit our table tennis table/ping pong table selection guides to get basic table information. Then give us a call to get further details on how particular table tennis models will suit your needs.

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